Spain has a golden opportunity to win some hearts and minds in Gibraltar if only it uses charm rather than its usual bully-boy tactics. Gibraltar voted almost rock-solid to remain in the European Union, but to their dismay Britain voted out. Gibraltar needs the EU; in fact it is vital for its economy. Spain could close the border, which was re-opened when Spain joined the European Union.

I can’t see this happening but it is a danger. Spain could seize on the pro-EU sentiment on Gibraltar. A joint soverignty deal with Spain and Britain, with Gibraltar remaining in the EU is a possibility. Spain has already started pushing for this kind of deal. The British exit has knocked Gibraltar for six, and the government is desperately trying to find a way to keep its EU status. It will be no easy task. Spain has already told Scotland to forget EU membership, so I can’t see them accepting Gibraltar of all places.


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Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

Your tourist boat friend can shout as much as he likes, but he should be carefull about what he wishes. France will never back Spain due to their interests in the Canadian islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Portugal will never back Spain due to their still unresolved conflict regarding Olienza, on the Spanish border, and the Savage Islands in the Atlantic, and Morocco will claim Ceuta and Melilla plus a multitude of small islands, arguing that the majority of the population is North African and not European.


s / Hace over 5 years

A Spanish man , who owns tourist boats in Magaluf, grabbed my clothing shouting give Gibralta back to Spain!!!. The Military requirement of this Garrison Town, has diminished.Its strategic use is no longer required, even for a refueling stop during a war. Perhaps, Gib should be returned to Spain , and the EU.