Now I know it was all a question of departing the European Union, but I didn't think that all the prominent members of the camp would leave as well. First, it was Boris Johnson, tipped to be the new prime minister and champion of the leave campaign. He left last week. Today, Nigel Farage of Ukip also stood down. Is there something we should know? Why are they all suddenly leaving so soon after victory? You would have thought that they would both stay on, especially as a result of the present political climate with David Cameron, on his way out and the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn looking set to join him.

Farage has quit before and then returned, but Johnson? Well the rumour is that he will be leading the Conservative Party into the next general election but you would have thought that the person who spearheaded the leave campaign wouldn't leave himself. I am sure that a role could be found for Johnson especially as there are difficult negotiations on the horizon with the EU. I find it rather amazing that Theresa May, who was part of the in camp looks set to become the next PM. At the moment Britain needs all of its political talent and no-one should even think about leaving until the negotiations with the EU have take place. Now is not the time for leavers just for stayers.


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