It was interesting to hear the views of British citizens about the British pull-out from the European Union at an event organised by the British Consulate and Calvia town hall on Tuesday afternoon. Obviously there is much concern but at the end of the day British citizens have been in this situation before. I moved to Majorca shortly after the last referendum in Britain on Europe. In those days it was called the Common Market and Britain's membership was only narrowly approved.

As we know the Common Market has little to do with what we have today and back in 1975 you needed a work permit for employment in Spain, while you must remember that the British community on the island was far larger. I attended two of the international schools on the island and at least 60 per cent of my class were British. These days the percentage is probably about 15 per cent. The majority of tourists who came on holiday to the island back then were British and the British tour firms all had British staff who needed work permits etc. And there were no problems.

So really perhaps it is a case of keep calm and continue. Brexit will cause some problems for us, but I do not believe that British citizens should be having sleepless nights or plan radical action such as returning to the United Kingdom or taking action Spanish nationality. Majorca is our home and I can´t see any reason why we shouldn't continue to enjoy it.


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Silversurfer / Hace over 5 years

So..... Real Mallorca Football Club wants British fans to feel at home ? For many years, there has been an increasing following of the club by Brits, with many ( including myself ) buying season tickets year after year. So far, we have been almost ignored by the Club. The match programs have no information in English. In fact it is mostly in Catalan, not even in Spanish. The Club website has an English option but the information given there is nowhere near as comprehensive or up to date as the Spanish option. Yes, we are in Spain but, if British fans are to be encouraged and made welcome, we need more information. And what about meat pies at half time ?


Sara / Hace over 5 years

Yes we should certainly stay calm but that was not what you were saying not so long ago! Hopefully we may even be able to get back those very useful residence permits that we used to have and which were 'banned' after some British newcomers somewhere in Spain objected about them to the EU!

"In 1975 the British Community on Mallorca was far larger"? Do you have figures to back that up! Percentage-wise undoubtedly as back then most foreigners were ether British, German or Scanindavian, but in actual numbers I very much doubt there were anything like as many British people residing on the island then as there are today.