I don't want to get the alarm bells ringing, but have you noticed that Spain still hasn´t got a government? I know it is just a minor point, but you would have thought that by now Spain would have a government installed because the first general election which ended in stalemate took place last year. Ever since then Spain has had an "acting government" which has limited powers. Many big projects have been put on hold. The chances of Spain getting a government any time soon are pretty slim also.

As we know the second general election also ended in stalemate, and we are now facing a third general election. The problem is that no-one appears to want to pact with the centre-right Partido Popular of Mariano Rajoy. The party have won both elections but have not polled enough votes to secure a majority. The possibility of a left-wing pact similar to the one which governs in the Balearics also appears to be highly unlikely because they can't agree. So stalemate again. There is no easy solution.

The PP is talking about a minority government but I doubt that it would last. Perhaps King Felipe can bring all the parties together and try and organise a grand coalition which would govern in the interests of Spain. If a second general election was a blow, a third would seem like a real slap in the face and make Spain a laughing stock within the international community. The country with no government: yes, welcome to Spain.


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Mike / Hace over 5 years

I don't want to get the alarm bells ringing, but have you noticed that Belgium still hasn´t got a government?

Nor currently does Argentina, Slovenia, Nepal, and about another dozen countries around the world. Are they in danger of collapsing? Belgium is thriving without government, and is adequately run by non-partisan civil servants. I'm sure those other countries are managing to get through the day without panic, and none are calling for the democratic process to be dismissed sao easily.

You are now calling on the King of Spain to over-rule the democratic right of the people to choose their leaders. How very liberal of you, Mr. Moore. Has it occurred to you that, after two general elections, the people of Spain do NOT want a single party in control? It is clear that a coalition is preferred.

That leaves me to the conclusion that you are either incredibly naive on geo-political matters, or simply do not support democracy.

Which is it?