I paid the tourist tax last weekend and along with thousands of others I did not grumble, call the ministry for tourism or even mutter a bad word. I paid it and that is it. For months, before the introduction of the controversial levy, many people (myself included) forecast a summer of discontent. But nothing. I would say that the introduction of the tax has been completely trouble-free. I suspect that there may have been some moans and groans but nothing on a major scale.

So, how did we get it all wrong? Probably because tourist taxes are now commonplace in resorts across Spain and the world. It is just another tax. The Balearic ministry for tourism should be congratulated for holding its nerve and pushing ahead with the tax despite widespread opposition from all quarters. By the end of this season the levy will have raised in excess of 50 million euros for the local government. A nice sum, which I hope will be ploughed back into improving tourist resorts across the island.

The Balearic government has to be slightly careful. They "sold" the tourist tax to tourists as a surcharge which would improve resorts. And they must keep their word. Local hoteliers, who had initially opposed the tax, have fallen silent and everyone has just agreed to agree that the tourist tax is going ahead. This is obviously a big victory for tourism minister Biel Barcelo. The Balearic government now has extra funds and it appears that no-one is complaing.


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S. / Hace over 5 years

The amount of LITTER all over the Island requires a major clean up campaign. Perhaps ?, money from the TT , could be spent on cleaning up the Island?. I wonder !!!.


S. / Hace over 5 years

How is this TT accounted. ? Why do i feel suspicious of the Hotels etc, in effecting creative accountancy. Who is going to check the Hotels TT takings. Once again, the Hotels are quiet, because they are already taking more than the Lions Share of Tourists money, through ALL INCLUSIVE Tariffs. Please investigate this question. Will TT takings be published?. Will the spending of TT be published, in ALL the Urbanisations?


Steve / Hace over 5 years

It's much to early to see whether tourists will accept the Ecotasa or not of course. They had no choice this year except to cancel their holidays. It's a mistake anyway, as you'll see the money won't be spent in the corresponding tourist areas that need modernising so badly, or wasted on tourist-irellevant ideas, or slipped into more brown envelopes.

On top of their UK living costs increasing, and along with the free-falling exchange rate, it could be that the Ecotasa was final straw for many tourists next year. Next summer we'll see if Biel Barcelo has made yet another blunder. Too early to celebrate, we'll be holding our breath's until next summer Jason.