As the great Lionel Richie sings "People dancing all in the street / See the rhythm all in their feet / Life is good, wild and sweet / Let the music play on / Feel it in your heart and feel it in your soul / Let the music take control / We’re going to party, limin’, fiesta, forever..."

This could apply to Majorca. Never mind all night long, it's all summer long, and if I were to attend every single fiesta night after night, I would need a personal chauffeur because I’d certainly be in no fit state to drive.

What a way to see, enjoy and experience Majorca. I remember in my late teens driving round southern France and each night was a different fiesta in a new town: it was great. We met so many people, made new friends, experienced the typical food, drink and culture. A magical summer, and thousands of people could be treated to that here in Majorca - if only they knew about it.

All this talk about alternative, new, fresh ideas to attract tourists - preferably big spending ones as far as the government is concerned - well the authorities have it all on a plate. It will cost them next to nothing, just promotion, because the local town halls fund the fiestas and they will be opening the entire island up to visitors searching for a new and unique experience. People travel from all over the world to fiestas on the mainland, so why not here?