The merchants of doom and gloom were forecasting a massive fall in tourism as a direct result of the controversial tourist tax introduced in July. They were wrong because this summer will go down on record as one of the most successful ever. But they still could be proved right. It is unlikely, but obviously few tourists realised that they would be paying a tax when they came on holiday, so they might not return next season. It is a small "might" because I sincerely doubt that tourists will boycott the islands over a small charge, but it is a possibility.

As everyone has said on numerous occasions, this summer has been a record-breaking one as a result of the security concerns in north Africa and the eastern Mediterranean. Next season could be very different. We could have a drop in tourism as a result of the tourist tax and a further fall as a result of the improving situation in competing resorts. So perhaps the tourist industry should keep the champagne on ice for now. There are many hurdles ahead which must be cleared.

But overall it must be said the introduction of the tourist tax has been a success. Few problems and vital revenue for the local economy. It is estimated that the tax will raise in excess of 50 million euros. Not bad. A substantial part of the cash needs to be channelled into local tourist resorts so that holidaymakers can see they are getting value for money. Now, we just have to wait until next season.


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Larry HENSON / Hace over 5 years

I cannot see it having benefitted Port Andratx which still abounds with cracked tiles etc etc? I suppose the fat cats in Calvia and Palma only will benefit?


S. / Hace over 5 years

Britain are to copy Mallorca, by introducing a " VISITORS TAX " But I wonder how the revenue will be audited?. Can the Hotels work creative accountancy ?. Will Mallorca see any accounts?. Will there be accounts showing how much money was received ?. Will Mallorca see how the revenue figures are spent ? I am very suspicious. But I agree that next Season will see Tourists being much wiser, and wary , with a much reduced Euro exchange rate.


Steve / Hace over 5 years

It's easy to mug the tourist with an extra bill when they're captive here of course. Let's have the figures and conclusions next September please.