If Majorca has a problem, blame a tourist. This is the attitude of, thankfully, a very small number of people on the island, but I must admit they are quite "loud" with their opinions.

The latest "blame a tourist" moan is the lack of water. There is a shortage of water thanks to the lack of rain not because of the tourist industry and the government was warned about the possible shortage before the summer got into full swing.

Majorca has a vibrant and hugely profitable tourist industry and the local authorities should invest the proceeds from tourism into public amenities to ensure that the island is equipped to cope with the summer influx. There is a school of thought on the island, shared by a few, that we are receiving too many tourists this summer. This is not the case. It is more a question of the ports authority in Palma re-organising visits by cruise ships so that they do not all coincide on the same day. It is a ridiculous state of affairs. You have five cruise ships arriving on one day and none the next. Also, the cruise ship season appears to last from April to July; surely it could be lengthened to September.

Tourists should be welcomed not blamed. If they decide to go elsewhere, we are going to have a big problem. The countdown to the end of the summer season is already under way and resorts and to a lesser extent some parts of Palma will soon be like ghost towns. Embrace tourism while it lasts; we would look very funny without it.