The Balearic government was warned about six months ago that there would be a shortage of water on the island this summer. Six months is a long time and during that time the local government could have introduced a major water-saving campaign and even purchased more desalination plants. There is even the possibility of shipping water in from the mainland.

But little or nothing was done and now showers have been turned off on the beaches in Palma's resort, and other areas of the island are planning even more radical measures.

Turning off the showers on local beaches could be described as a measure which penalises tourists. It must be remembered that holidaymakers are already paying the tourist tax and surely they should be able to have a shower after a swim? Why aren't the Palma council introducing a campaign on the need to save water? I am sure this would probably save more water than the knee-jerk move of turning off the water on beach showers.

It must be remembered that a sizeable part of Palma´s water supply is lost because of the faulty distribution network. I would go even further and say that millions of litres of water are lost every year through senseless schemes. There are so many ways that water could be saved in the city. The time has come for the council to tackle the water crisis head-on rather than just introducing short-term measures which do not benefit anyone, least of all the tourist industry.