The Balearics are always pleading poverty to Madrid about the lack of funding. This has been an age-old problem. In other words the islands pay far more in taxes to Madrid than they receive in return. The central administration in Madrid invests little in the Balearics. This was one of the reasons why the local government felt obliged to introduce the tourist tax because of the funding row.

But in all honesty you don´t get the impression that the island is poor. Far from it. The proceeds from tourism have been invested across the island in new roads, a first-class airport and even a metro link. You can never have enough money but surely the Balearics can take pride that their tax money is being well spent in other parts of the country. I think the islands should show some solidarity with the rest of the country. These islands remain one of the richest areas in the country if not Europe. Tourism has meant that the islands have one of the highest standards of living in Spain.

Local politicians have been complaining about the poor funding this week, which is rather silly considering that Spain doesn't even have a government at the moment. That is one of the biggest problems of the political stalemate in Madrid at the moment; key decisions have to be left on hold. Perhaps one day the islands will negotiate a better funding deal with Madrid but for the time being I would say that the islands must show some solidarity with other poorer regions.