If you go to any town or village in Majorca you will find first class sporting facilities. I suspect it is a similar state of affairs on the mainland. Over the years the local authorities have invested heavily in building sports centres across the island. But if you look back at the Rio Olympics you will see that Spain was way down the medal table. The other big European nations, led by Britain, were well ahead.

So sadly, while Spain has the facilities, they are not leading to Olympic success. It must also be said that Spain has the climate. British sailors and cyclists who struck gold in Rio regularly train on the island. British swimmers are also frequent visitors. One of the reasons for Britain´s success is because of the money from the National Lottery. Perhaps Spain could consider similar funding for its sportspeople.

As we all know, Spain is an international powerhouse when it comes to football. World and European success has meant that Spain is one of the big football nations. But funding is needed for other sports. There are some big exceptions, such as our very own Rafa Nadal, but Spain should be doing much better. Funding for sport should not be just limited to sports stadiums. Spanish athletes also need help in the form of funding. Funding so that they can train at these excellent facilities without the concern of having to keep down a job as well. Spain should be at the top of the medal table, not in the middle. Funding is needed.