Anyone who lives or works in Palma will tell you that this summer there have been far too many tourists. This is not a complaint, it is a fact.

I do not blame the tourists, far from it. I believe that their experience of our beautiful city has been rather spoilt by the ports authority who manage to bring all the big cruise liners together on the same day. With a bit of thought and communications with the big cruise line companies I am sure that a more attractive timetable of port visits could have been organised. On some days in Palma, you have five cruise ships in port, the next day you have one, then five then two. It all follows a similar pattern. Why not organise a timetable so that there are never more than three cruise ships in port at any time? It certainly makes sense.

This summer Palma has appeared to be very crowded and basically it has hit the day-to-day lives of Palma residents and also the visiting tourist and cruise ship passengers. No one likes having to fight their way through a large crowd to visit a tourist attraction. Palma does not receive too many tourists, like some are saying. It receives too many on the same day. The Balearic government should intervene. I know that the ministry for tourism was concerned at the prospect of five large cruise ships in port on the same day. Now, perhaps they should take action. Also, it must be remembered that Alcudia has a first-class cruise ship terminal. Some planning, please.