I had thought that the money from the controversial tourist tax was going to be ploughed back into improving tourist resorts. So far an estimated 32 million euros have been raised through the levy. But last week the government announced that the money had been earmarked for environmental projects, fixing the water supply and agriculture. No mention of holiday resorts at all.

Ensuring that the island has an all-year-round supply of water is vital, environmental projects are also of importance after years of tourism. But agriculture? So money from tourism is going to help the local agriculture sector, which is small to say the least. I would even remind everyone that this island doesn't live from agriculture but tourism.

One of the reasons why I did voice some support for the controversial charge was because it was going to be spent on the tourist resorts. In other words tourists would pay a small price for a better holiday on Majorca. Well, that was the theory. There was always a danger that tourist tax cash would be diverted to other projects. There were even suggestions that the cash could be used to help pay the wages of civil servants. Thankfully, the government has so far ruled this out.

Overall, the introduction of the levy has been successful with few complaints from tourists. Now we will have to wait until next year to establish whether it has hit bookings. I sincerely doubt it. But what is important is that the money is spent on projects which directly have an impact on holidaymakers. Many island resorts are in need of improvements but the government says that the necessary funding is not available. This is no longer an excuse. Part of the tourist tax cash should go to the tourist industry. There is still a danger that there could be a tourist tax backlash, especially if the money is not spent on the right projects.


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Larry HENSON / Hace over 5 years

Ha Ha - The Government suckered you then Jason!


Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

Doesn't surprise me in the slightest seeing that the local minister of finance, Sra Cladera, is from Sa Pobla, and the main industry there, including her family's is................agriculture.


Ron / Hace over 5 years

Jason, you know that in the beginning our illustrious chief of tourism, innovation and development had the tax money earmarked for the almond growers (tourists like to come and see the blossom), and of course for his care homes. So I expect lots of other projects will be proposed that have nothing to do with the poor tourists who have to had to pay this from their hard earned holiday budgets. We all said it anyway ! And it's good that you are bringing it back to our attention. Let's see what happens when the international press get hold of it !


Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

The quickest and easiest way to improve tourist resorts is to get rid of the imported criminal elements (drugs and prostitution for starters). Is it really that difficult to sort that out? Apparently so...


Picks / Hace over 5 years

Funny how I'm reading this, and the advert for the tourist tax is running alongside it. The end statement is 'Tourism now and forever'.

Is it going to become just another source of income for the government to use for "pet" programmes / Commitees ??