I would just like to gently remind the British government that there are hundreds of thousands of British citizens in work on the European continent, so before they start getting tough on so-called foreign workers they should at least think about us, those British citizens in work abroad. If the British government introduces plans to curb the number of Spanish workers to Britain, then we can expect the same treatment. It is as simple as that. I think it would be a good idea for British politicians to think before they open their mouths. Their speeches on immigration may be well received in Britain, but they will do little to further the career prospects of Britons abroad.

As Britain moves towards its divorce from the European Union I think it is vital that British citizens living abroad have their say. A so-called tough exit from the European Union will effectively mean that British citizens working in Spain may have to obtain a work permit. This is a nightmare scenario. I think the British government should consider setting up a department to deal with Britons who are living outside the country. I am not talking about a Consulate or an Embassy, I am talking about a government department which ensures that we are protected in these difficult times. The British government has embarked on a dangerous path which could have serious consequences for all those Britons who live abroad. I think it is about time that we had some answers.