One of the most enjoyable aspects of a visit to the Maldives was a trip in a seaplane to my hotel. It was fantastic and meant that the holiday started and finished on a high. Now there are moves for a regular seaplane link between Pollensa and Formentera. This is an excellent idea. The Bay of Pollensa has been home to seaplanes for many years and to this day the Canadair firefighting seaplanes are based there.

Back in the 1950s there was a seaplane link between Southampton and Pollensa. Effectively the giant Second World War vintage Sunderland aircraft would touch down in the bay and you would be rowed to your hotel. It is quite incredible to think that it was easier to get to Pollensa from Britain in the 1950s than it is today. Well, it was more direct!

The local tourism authorities should welcome all new ideas especially those that add to Majorca´s tourist offer. Seaplanes are used successfully in other resorts across the globe, so why not Majorca? And also this island is an ideal location with plenty of sheltered bays where seaplanes can land and take off with relative ease.

It must be remembered that during the Spanish Civil war Pollensa not only hosted Spanish seaplanes but Italian and German ones as well. This is a golden opportunity to continue with Pollensa´s long and illustrious connection with seaplane aircraft. It would be a shame if this idea was not at least given an opportunity to succeed.