Marmite is a bit like the European Union: you either like it or hate it, and now this popular "best of British" brand is at the centre of a row over Britain´s exit from the European Union. Everyone knew that the ride over the coming months was going to be choppy as Britain moves towards a divorce  but I don't believe that everyone thought that it was going to be as hard and even costly. The slump in the value of sterling has naturally hit British imports and Marmite is one of them. A weak currency is fantastic for exports but bad for imports.

I believe that the "Remain" camp did a pretty bad job of pushing their case, and a lot of the statements they made were dismissed. Unfortunately, they are now coming back to haunt Britain. What is clear is that until the pound recovers, British imports are going to cost more along with your holiday in the sun. There is also the distinct possibility that firms are going to pull of Britain if it leaves the single market. These are not threats, this is not scaremongering, this is the truth.
Britain should try and seek a deal with Europe over immigration but stay a member of EU. This is the only way forward. At the moment I get the impression that a lot of half truths are being spoken but that no one in the British government really knows what to do next. Leaving the EU might have seemed a good idea at the time but over the last few weeks I suspect many are having second thoughts.