I have often thought that if you scratch below the surface in Majorca you will find a wide range of problems. It is very alarming that 10 per cent of the local population is living well below the poverty line. This on an island which allegedly enjoys one of the highest standards of living of any place in the country. The fact that thousands of people are living on less than 350 euros a month is a clear indicator that there is something very wrong with the island and its economy. Even though the Spanish economy continues to recover, Spain, still has a major problem with unemployment. This country has the second highest jobless rate in the European Union, and in some areas the unemployment rate stands at about 20 per cent.

The Balearic government should be dealing with the problem of poverty on the island. In fact, it is their duty to do so. I am sure that the all the tourists who come on holiday here would not have a problem if part of the tourist tax cash was dedicated to fighting poverty and moving people off the breadline. I must say that a few weeks ago I saw an enormous queue by the Plaza España in Palma. Initially, I thought that it was some store which was holding a sale. To my horror I discovered that it was the queue for the soup kitchen. I am talking hundreds of people. Now that the summer season is coming to an end and the tourist industry is closing down for the winter, I suspect that the problem of poverty will become even more pronounced.


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Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

Doing exactly what ? Drafting laws is the easy part. Somebody then has to pay for it.

In regards to S's comments, he ( she ? ) may not know that companies pay around 35 to 40% social costs on top of the employees salary. As far as I am concerned it is way too much without demanding that it should be increased.

Maybe kicking out illegal immigrants and making government pen pushers work harder ( they only do 35 hours per week ) would help alleviate the problem.


Sacolaba / Hace over 5 years

Poverty is a disgrace to the island. No one should experience poverty in an island tourist haven. Make it law that no working age islanders should be receiving less than 600euro per month; working or not. Look to tourist cycling routes for winter income and keep the unemployed busy.


S. / Hace over 5 years

With what has occurred in Mallorca this season. The amount of money generated ,for all inclusive Hotels, tourist tax, and business generally. There should be NO POVERTY on this Island. A fund from all those previously listed, should make compulsory payments, to help the disadvantaged. IT WILL NOT BE TAXI DRIVERS. 20.30 HOURS ON TUESDAY, PALMA AIRPORT TO PLAZA ESPANA WAS, AFTER MUCH BUTTON PUSHING, 25 EUROS !!!!!.


Phil / Hace over 5 years

The Tourist Tax cannot be used for anything else than help and infrastructure for tourist resorts otherwise it will be "dipped" into for so many other projects that the people who are paying the tax would never see. I totally agree that the scale of the poverty is not only scary but what I would call unacceptable in a supposedly modern society, the whole of the state controlled benefits needs a complete overall and reform.