Arise the great chip butty. I bet many of you did not even know there is a song about it sung by fans of Sheffield United.

Post the vote to leave Europe, the media, depending on which side they are batting for, have been full of contrasting articles and opinions - many of them of absolutely no interest to the general public.

Brexit is becoming boring, let’s just get on with it and start finding out or being told what it really means to Britons living in the UK and on the continent. In the meantime, let us look at the good things that still make us proud when we travel abroad.

I have recently returned from a predominantly French and Italian part of the Canary Islands that is world famous for its kitesurfing. In March, it was full of Germans, but they seem to have disappeared, I missed them...

However, there was a smattering of Britons and while they all got on famously with the French and the Italians, I did not hear the word Brexit or see any animosity at all in two entire weeks. One British "activity" did catch their eyes - the chip butty.

This lovely Briton of a certain age would trawl the excellent buffet of fresh fish, sea food, local cheeses etc. every lunch time showing great interest in what to have. He was seriously pondering how to please his palate. But eventually he resorted to his tried and tested starter. Two chip butties, home made by him of course, accompanied by numerous beers, Heinz salad cream he had bought in the local supermarket, and followed up with a few dainty slices of pizza.

Brexit? Will it be chips ... ?