The Balearic tourist industry will be heading to the World Travel Market (WTM) at the Excel centre in London this weekend with some important questions still unanswered. The WTM will this year be shrouded in uncertainty over Brexit. There are claims that British citizens may need visas to visit the popular tourist spots on the European continent. The dip in the value of the pound is also causing concern.

The WTM is one of the prinicipal tourism fairs in the world but the joys and economic dreams of last year have been replaced by fears over Brexit. The Balearics is sending a strong delegation led by President Francina Armengol alongside tourism minister Biel Barcelo. I suspect that they are concerned over the Brexit situation especially as retailers, shops and restaurants have already started to complain about lower takings thanks to the drop in value of sterling.

The travel industry has been widely hit by Brexit. A long-haul holiday to the United States has become much more expensive for British tourists as a result of the sterling situation. The uncertainty created by Brexit is causing plenty of problems for the travel industry because no one really knows what the outcome is going to be. These are hard times for the travel industry. I suspect that the British travel industry will give the islands their usual vote of confidence and confirm that the islands will enjoy a good season as regards the British market, but there is still plenty of uncertainty.


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Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

If the Brit lager louts don't come, the rest of the Eurozone will. Some people will be happy about that. The 15 per cent hotel price hike will do more to damage tourism than anything else.


Ron / Hace over 5 years

I arrived back here yesterday after 2 weeks in UK. All you hear everywhere there is 'Brexit'. There is much worry and uncertainty. The Brits. though will always have their holidays somewhere hot and sunny in Europe - those who can afford it. Whether they will come to Mallorca though is another matter. Yesterday was the start of the autumn/winter holidays for those retired or without schoolchildren. On our RyanAir flight from Bournemouth to here - 20 passengers. Next gate flight to Malaga - completely full. Promoting out of season tourism again will obviously be a reason for this yet another 'jolly' by our illustrious leaders. We cannot compete with the weather or the low prices in southern Spain, but we can offer visitors a better deal and not rip them off. And the Brits. are very loyal to Mallorca - if they get good value. Prices here this year have risen dramatically and we are going to price ourselves out of the market. The airlines have put on more UK flights this winter - now is the time to be competitive - make the visitors welcome and not rip them off - Ian is absolutely right! Make or break winter approaching!!


Ian / Hace over 5 years

So the shops bars and Resturants are solely reliant on the British, what happened to the thousands of Germans Scandinavians and Russians who flocked here this summer ? After we were charged 8 euros for a small beer and a coke I would say it's greed that will undo these businesses