A senior and long-serving Conservative MP explained to the Bulletin that yesterday’s High Court ruling will not stop Brexit and that the Parliamentary vote will simply be on triggering Article 50, not the terms and conditions because nobody knows what they are yet.

Sir Roger Gale is a Eurosceptic who nevertheless voted to remain for the good of the UK and foreign residents, whose right he continues to fight for more than any other MP in the house. He said that for those foreign residents, and there are many, who voted to leave and now regret it, pensions are now worth 17 per cent less, and there is nothing that can be done. "It is case of Britain now having to make the best of a terrible situation," he said.

"The majority of MPs will vote in favour of Brexit because the majority of the public who voted, voted in favour of leaving," Sir Roger added.

There are going to be "extremists" on both sides of the house who may try and fudge issues further. Ken Clarke for example, told Newsnight on Thursday that he will be voting against Article 50, but the vote for the most part will be MPs simply going through the motions.

"This is what the British people wanted at the time. The majority were too busy thinking about immigration and not the bigger, long-term picture, the fall in value of the pound, rising inflation and the eventual drop in exports which will lead to a loss of jobs."


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ian / Hace over 5 years

we joined the eu to become part of the common market ie a trade deal, not to have our laws changed our rights eroded and to be forced to accommodate thousands of migrants. while most people do not object to and if fact welcome migrant workers this was never on the cards when we joined. Most people would be happy to remain in the eu if we could go back to being just a part of a common market trade agreement.


Mike / Hace over 5 years

We hold all the cards brexit is the best thing to ever happen we were great before the d,,,heads put us in the eu which was only for common market trade purposes , not free common nhs housing schools mass immigration and gp services , what part of we are out don't you understand ? I voted out it's affecting me already as I live on Mallorca and in the uk my country needs protecting from the nob heads in government before they totally destroy it !,


Lawrie / Hace over 5 years

Drop in exports? Surely that means a drop in exports to the UK from say France who's trade with us runs into many billions of pounds. No my remain friends the truth of the matter is simple, Europe needs us big style. I mean come on! apart from Germany and France the rest of Europe are bordering on third world. They can't afford to upset us.