British tourists heading to Majorca next year will certainly be on a budget if sterling continues its downward trend, but the Association of British Travel Agents called on the local authorities to promote the good old menu del dia, the three course meal available at many local restaurants at a budget price. It makes perfect sense to me.

Not only can visiting British tourists enjoy a good meal out at a cheap price, they can also discover the delights of local cuisine. Probably one of the best kept secrets on the island is the large number of restaurants, especially in Palma, which offer a three course meal, in some cases for as little as 12 euros.

The great value meals will be a welcome delight for visiting British tourists who have seen their spending power decline by 20 per cent post-Brexit. Much is obviously made of the importance of British tourism to the Balearics but it should also be said that Spanish tourism to London continues to grow. Every second person in London’s West End appears to be Spanish and the low pound is making their stay even nicer.

It’s said that the British love affair with Spain will last forever but the Spanish affair with London looks to be blossoming as well despite the Brexit divorce. But Spanish tourists be warned; you will not find a three course meal in London with wine for ten pounds. Despite the lower pound, the British capital remains hugely expensive.