You would have thought that the Balearic delegation at the World Travel Market tourism fair in London would be opening the champagne with reports that holiday sales for next summer had increased by eight per cent, but no. You see the Balearics are a victim of their own success and more tourists in peak season is not really a reason for a party because the local authorities are more than confident that there will be no room at the inn in June, July and August. What is wanted is more tourists in the spring and autumn.

After a summer season when there was a slight backlash against tourism, the local authorities are talking low season even winter tourism. The summer sells itself. With reports that resorts in north Africa will continue to suffer next season because of the ongoing security problems, the local authorities are now making a big effort to attract more winter tourists with cycling, hiking and golf leading the charge. This is the message from the World Travel Market. The days when the regional authorities would fret about the summer are well and truly over.

The only concern is that there will be too many tourists which could cause problems locally. Times have changed. For once the whole emphasis is not on bucket and spade holidays but other low season pursuits. Times have certainly changed.

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S. / Hace over 5 years

What about promoting WINTER TOURISM ?. It is the same old story every year. Nothing is done, to enhance prospects for Winter Attractions. Some operators have put a few flights on schedule. But the controlling Hoteliers, have done nothing, but close. The Delegation are on a " Jolly " in London, and achieving NADA, that was not already available.


Burgundy Blue / Hace over 5 years

Have you played a round of golf recently?

I understand that for 18 holes for non-members the price is approaching almost €100 Euros a pop. I can't see tourists wanting to play in the cold and rain of the winter season here when they can do that back in Britain for a quarter of the price. Can you?