Palma city council appears to have completely misjudged public opinion by deciding to delay the switch-on of the festive lights until this weekend. Granted that Christmas is still a month away but it seems rather odd that the Christmas markets are now in place but no lights. The council hasn't actually said it but I suspect that the delay is more to save money than anything else. It is a rather short-sighted policy because retailers of all sizes have slammed the council for not doing enough to help them over the festive period.

As we all know Christmas is a key time for retailers; in many cases the difference between a successful and poor year. The council haa been forced to react and say that there will be a party-like atmosphere for the turning-on of the lights this Saturday, and I am sure that it will be worth the wait but the damage has already been done. The council has been accused of acting like Scrooge.

The lights will remain in place and switched on until the festivities to mark San Sebastian on 20 January. This is totally unnecessary. The lights should remain switched on until after the Three Kings' parade on 5 January and then they should be switched off until the San Sebastian celebrations. What is the point of having Christmas lights switched on in the middle of January? Putting them on earlier and turning them off earlier is my solution. The council is saving money but spending elsewhere.

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S. / Hace over 4 years

Have the retailers contributed to the cost of installing, and running of these lights ?. If so, they have grounds for their complaints. Otherwise, no basis for their complaints. Scrooge, would not have wanted any light displays!!.. The use of digital, and L E D lights, should be considered for the future displays, because of reduced electric operating costs. As there was a saturation of tourists this Season, did the Councils not receive enough revenues, to pay for the light display ?.