Much is being made of the statement Brexit means Brexit and that the British people had their say and voted by a majority to leave the European Union. It must also be remembered that 16 million people voted to stay in the EU compared to the 17 million who voted to leave. So the UK is officially split. This was clearly evident in the Richmond Park and North Kingston by-election which saw the pro-European Liberal Democrats overturn a massive majority to win the seat. It was a by-election fought on Brexit and "Remain" effectively won.

The Conservative Party, which is now the party of Brexit, is going to face big problems because it must be remembered that there is still strong support for EU membership. When the true costs of exiting the European club start to become clearer then I suspect that more people will be in favour of staying rather than leaving. The Liberal Democrats suffered a killer blow at the last general election, losing many of their seats to the Conservatives. But they are now striking a chord with the pro-Europe element of the electorate.

Thankfully, there is a mainstream party in Britain which is pro-European Union because I have to say that both the Conservatives and Labour have made a complete mess of their Brexit campaigns. I still believe that Britain will remain part of the European Union despite the referendum result. Brexit may mean Brexit but Brexit may be a bridge too far.


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Mike / Hace over 5 years

Like Churchill said and I quote "" I ONLY NEED ONE TO WIN "" we are out get over it


Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

How can it remain Jason? I wanted to stay in Europe but in a democratic election my countrymen voted to leave by a narrow but clear margin. Suicidal in my opinion BUT how are you proposing to ignore a democratic vote and stay in the EU? It makes no sense.