I think you could say that bargain hunters in Majorca have never had it so good, with shops offering big discounts ahead of the busy Christmas period. Like Steve Riches, who commented the other day on the website, I have also been amazed by the discounting which is under way by some retailers. However, I believe that this state of affairs has been brought about by healthy competition rather than a crisis in our local economy. The arrival of the big out-of-town shopping centres has sent shock waves through the local retail sector and even the smaller shops have been forced to take action. I have seen some novel retail ideas around Palma recently, such as the clothes shop which has a single 25 euro price for all items; the list goes on.

But what concerns me, though, is whether there are enough people on the island to sustain so many shops. Granted that during the summer season things are different, but the number of shops which are now on offer on the island is quite amazing; in many cases with at least two or three branches. It is such a shame that the local authorities do not make their life easier; allowing them to open when they want. I think we are getting to a point where shopping could be very much part of the winter holiday drive on the island. It must also be a joy for Christmas shoppers. Discounts are always good news and some of the reductions in price which are available at the moment are fantastic for those who are looking for a Christmas gift at a bargain price.


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Sara / Hace over 4 years

Very well said David! Unfortunately I fear that we are in the minority of those who read the MDB. Also I don't think Jason really has much idea what it would cost the small shops to open at all hours and have to pay overtime hours to their small number of staff.


David / Hace over 4 years

I wish you would stop supporting opening hours, the hoteliers, the developers, the new shopping centres, indeed anything that increasingly blights what was once a peaceful island. Shame on you.