Terror attacks in France, Germany and Belgium this year have highlighted the need for European security services to work together and share vital intelligence amongst security agencies. While Britain may have one foot outside the European Union, the British government has said that it will continue to work closely with its European allies on security issues. I would take this promise a step forward as perhaps the time has come to establish a European intelligence and security organisation.

Europe remains at risk of terror attacks; this was sadly brought home to all with the Berlin Christmas market attack earlier this week. Just like the French and Belgium police and intelligence services earlier this year, the German security services are under the spotlight. The open border policy of some European states needs to be scrapped at once and perhaps the time has come for Europe to have a co-ordinated approach to fighting terrorism. Intelligence on possible suspects needs to be shared swiftly and European police and security services need to work closely together from border guards to actual spies and security analysts.

Europe probably faces its biggest terrorist threat in decades and it is a Europe-wide threat, not just isolated to various countries. Brexit may have marked a turning point for the European Union but the need for greater European intergration on security has never been so great. Europe needs to act as one.


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David / Hace over 4 years

My new year resolution is to keep my blood pressure down by avoiding the MDB. So now you are industrialist, economist, AND security expert? All your views are wrong and ill-informed.


Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

Jason, the whole of the EU, including amazingly Switzerland, have an open border policy. Only the UK and Ireland sensibly opted out, for which we were at the time castigated by the other members, who now probably wish they could revert to how it was before, but due to political correctness, daren´t do so. Also, due to PC, we are not allowed to voice an opinion as regards to how this whole sorry mess, which is going to get worse, arose in the first place. Ticket to NZ anyone ?