If you look at the political scenario in Britain at the moment it is not exactly a heartening situation. A Conservative government which is effectively split down the middle because of Brexit and a Labour Party, in opposition, which looks incapable of taking power. All this at a time when Britain faces its biggest challenge since the Second World War. To be honest the only party which actually appears to make sense and have an idea of the direction they want to take are the Scottish Nationalists of Nicola Sturgeon and that is from an Englishman! The Liberal Democrats have a golden opportunity to recapture some lost ground with their pro-European message but at the moment they are not in any position to change the political landscape.

I think the only real solution is for an early general election. Let the electorate decide and it could also be the opportunity for a second referendum on Brexit. Opinion polls show that many Britons would now vote against Brexit because many of the statements which were dismissed as scaremongering have now come about, such as a lower pound, more expensive holidays and a possible exodus of foreign firms from Britain. Prime Minister Theresa May, who is PM by default, should do the honourable thing and go to the polls. Back me or sack me, should be her war cry. I do not think that you can take Britain into such a critical year without the full support of the British public. Britain is effectively divided.