Does anyone want a lettuce? My local supermarket has plenty of lettuces and if any of our readers in Britain are interested in an iceberg lettuce, which are grown in Spain but are now being rationed by the major British supermarkets, I can help. Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s have all imposed restrictions on bulk purchases after production in Spain was hit by crop damage from flooding late last year followed by unusually cold weather last month. The limited supply of lettuces follows a continuing shortage of courgettes in Britain.

I find this a remarkable state of affairs because there are no shortages in Spain. In fact, one supermarket on the island even had a special offer on iceberg lettuces. Is this a thing to come thanks to Brexit? Will Britain be at the end of the queue when it comes to items from the European Union? It reminds me of one veteran expat who would return from Britain withfood parcels, basically British items which could not be purchased on the island at that time.

 Well, perhaps when we return to Britain for a holiday we are going to have to take our own food parcels, Spanish lettuces, tomatoes and oranges. Perhaps the major British supermakets should start looking around for another supplier just in case. All joking apart, this is quite a serious matter and I bet that Spanish farmers are not best pleased, and as a direct result they are asking the government for help and compensation.


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S. / Hace over 4 years

Is this another way of raising prices, and increasing proits (Profiteering ). The 'Brexit ' excuse is a dangerous reason to use, Britain will seek contracts and trade with countries throughout the World. Spain, could lose out if they try to use that excuse, as well as inclement weather conditions. I thought most crops were forced in huge Green House style coverings, preventing any weathering affecting this produce?.