Palma is on course to be the new "Monaco" one leading local estate agent told me recently. I totally agree our capital city is looking exceptionally good and just recently it was voted the best place to live in the world by The Sunday Times. But there could be a danger. Is Palma starting to price itself out of the market?

There are a lot of wealthy tourists heading to Palma but it also must be remembered that the city is an exceptionally popular port-of-call for cruise ships and their passengers who are usually on a budget. Palma has plenty of excellent new restaurants and bars but I wouldn´t say that they would appeal to tourists or even residents who just have a few euros in their pockets. I think the cost gap between Palma and the resorts is continuing to grow at quite an alarming rate.

While I find prices charged in the resorts to be competitive and to some extent cheap, I feel that those which are being charged in Palma could be described as being towards the top end of the scale. Perhaps the time has come for the council to introduce a form of price control? In some instances I would say that some of the prices are equal to those in central London. There is plenty to be proud about our city. Buildings have been restored to their former glory and Palma is looking fantastic. It is a pleasure to live here but I do worry about the prices especially in central Palma. Everyone should be able to enjoy the city, whatever their budget and their finances.


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Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

Resorts, which resorts ? Some of them, if not most are a lot more expensive than Palma. Last weekend I was up in Puerto Pollensa, and was charged, by a bar on the sea front, € 4 for two cortados, and it wasn´t one of the famous chain that starts with a C.


Oliver Neilson / Hace over 4 years

You can still get a menu del dia for 9 bucks, In Santa Catalina market, whole fried squid, couldn't be fresher, 6 bucks, coffee is around 1.50 almost every where. Still way cheaper than London on average....but there are plenty of wealthy people in Palma, and Mallorca in general, enough to support some high end eateries. Leave it to the market to find a level.


Ron / Hace over 4 years

Jason - please don't use the word 'control' any more. That's the only way this loony government pact operates. Tax the restaurants that charge too much? Not the thing to do. Market forces will decide whether their prices are extortionate. If the food is deemed worth it to the rich, they will pay it whatever. If not the businesses will fold - as what generally happens in Palma. I am in Edinburgh at the moment and just like London all the restaurants and coffee bars are booming. Plenty of jobs and money about. And this in a country which is supposed to be broke!! And by the way - the flights out and in were almost empty. Why are the tourists not coming to Mallorca in spite of the promise the airlines made to put on winter flights??