"There must be an end to this Hunger Games approach to Brexit negotiations, which gives no consideration to EU nationals in our country or British nationals living abroad." Well said, Jeremy Corbyn. Regular readers of this space will know that I am no fan of the Labour leader but I must say that for once a British politician is thinking about British citizens outside the UK who are going to be directly affected by Brexit.

Now, there are plenty of rumours circulating at the moment regarding the fate of British citizens living in EU countries post-Brexit. There is a fear that if Britain makes life difficult for European Union citizens in Britain, then we will get the same treatment. But I sincerely doubt it. I suspect that Spain will sign an agreement with Britain within days of the British divorce which will safeguard British citizens in Spain and Spanish citizens in Britain. I can't see the Spanish government making life difficult for Britons or British firms because they are vital for the Spanish economy.

It also must be remembered that Spanish firms have invested heavily in Britain;: Heathrow Airport and even Scottish Power are owned by Spanish firms. But Corbyn is right. Something needs to be said about the status of British citizens living in Europe. We were not able to vote in the referendum and sometimes you get the impression that we have been thrown to the lions by a government obssessed with closing borders.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Will you give Brexit a rest,you go on and on about it like a broken record.