I am rather intrigued. Why does the Balearic government put itself on a head-on collision course with some of the most powerful groups in the islands? First it was the tourist tax which was slammed by local hoteliers and now they have decided to take on Palma taxi drivers with their plans for an airport to resort bus service. Has anyone ever wondered why an airport to resort bus service wasn't introduced years ago? Well, the simple answer is ... taxi drivers.

Now, they are always going to oppose the bus routes and in some ways you can see their point. The airport is their main livelihood during the summer and if you have just spent out heavily on a taxi licence, you are not going to give this discounted form of competition a warm welcome. As I have said in this space before there is already an excellent bus service to the main bus terminal in the Plaza España from the airport, so why is the Balearic government making life difficult for themselves? Why don't they just promote the airport bus service and try and connect it with bus services to the resorts which leave from the Plaza España?

This is probably the most simple anwer and would avoid a major showdown with taxi drivers. This dispute with the cabbies is not going to end any time soon and further protests, like the one seen in Palma on Wednesday, are already being planned. The government is right about the bus service but the cost will be high.


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Ron / Hace over 4 years

Jason - I agree that bringing the airport bus into the Intermodal station would be the easiest answer. There is plenty of capacity there. At the moment dragging luggage to and from the Plaça Espanya is not good. Is there some reason/contracts/agreements/penalties why only TIB buses and not EMT's can use the Intermodal? Your suggestion is good and is the logical solution. You need to work on the 'fat controllers'.


S. / Hace over 4 years

In the Islands Urbanisations, there are Pricing Boards next to main Taxi Ranks. I HAVE NOT SEEN A PRICES BOARD next to the Taxi Departure Line. Which is why I was charged €25.00 from the Airport to Plaza Espana in Palma. That is why the Taxi Drivers are striking, they can not over charge Tourists, if there are fair bus service charges to their destinations.