We are fighting for our very survival, a taxi driver told me yesterday as they announced strike dates for next month and April. The cabbies are fighting plans by the Balearic government to introduce a direct bus service to the resorts from Palma airport. They claim that most of their income comes from lucrative fares from the airport during the summer months and they need this cash to survive during the winter. Yes, I can see their point, really.

I think that overall everyone believes that the bus routes are a good idea. The service will make life easier for tourists, especially those on a budget. But why now? Why have the Balearic government all of a sudden decided to take on the cabbies? I suspect that only a small number of tourists will take the bus. Granted it is an alternative to the taxi, but I suspect that the majority of "independent travellers" will either hire a car or take a cab.

I would urge the Balearic government to resolve this dispute quickly. One of the suggestions from taxi drivers is to strengthen the existing airport to the main bus station service. If I was the Balearic government I would leave well alone. The Balearics is on course for a record summer season and the last thing the island needs at the moment is a big transport dispute. There is a simple solution - dialogue. Let both sides sit down and find a solition. It is certainly the way forward.


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Phil / Hace over 4 years

Most airports have taxi, bus and train services, the subway should be extended to the airport


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Since taxi fares to the airport from Palma Nova are now around 40 Euros each way and a tip is still expected,I use the speedy Hopa which I have never had a problem with so a direct bus service would be more than welcome by me. I also think that there are too many taxis all chasing the same tourist Euro.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

The answer lies not in prorectionism for inefficient practice but in having an osland-wide call-a-taxi app which means drivers spend more time taking a fare than sitting around waiting for one. Propping up the current system is an insult to the tourists who contribute 70% of the income of this island either directly or indirectly. An efficient app-led booking service with no regional restrictions on pick-up or drop off would make taxi drivers better paid not worse, and the convenience factor would be a massive boost for numbers. At the moment some of them struggle to break even - they are being throttled by the very system they're trying to prop up.


S. / Hace over 4 years

Yes, it is lucrative for the Drivers, that rip off the Tourists. A PRICING BOARD IS URGENTLY NEEDED IN THE TAXI QUEUE AREA. So that people can decide, on the cost of a Taxi Fare. I totally doubt the Drivers will allow this board. Will strike again!!!. Recently charged €25.00 from the Airport to Plaza Espana, Palma., at tremendous dangerous speed. Has ensured I will use the EMT Bus at €5.00 for each journey.