I was rather shocked to read that Britain's total fleet of seven nuclear attack submarines was not fit for duty: they had either broken down or were undergoing refits. These submarines, which cost in excess of one billion pounds each, are vital because not only do they protect Britain's nuclear deterrent they carry out surveillance operations across the world. The news story was splashed in various newspapers causing an outcry from many armchair generals and admirals who dismissed the report that Britain's entire fleet of submarines (apart from the Trident fleet) was actually in port.

Yesterday the Ministry of Defence posted two photos on its website showing two nuclear attack submarines leaving their base at Plymouth (Devonport). There we go then, the newspapers were wrong again. But the caption on the photos rather said it all: submarines were carrying out sea trials after refit. So in other words still not operational. Basically, yes, Britain's entire fleet of nuclear submarines was out of action but is now returning to duty.

Now, if you believe the newspapers, there are more Russian submarines in British waters at the moment than in a Tom Clancy novel, so Britain does need its fleet of stealth submarines. It is rather scandalous that they are all in port or out of action. Britain's latest submarine actually collided with a merchant vessel off Gibraltar and is still being repaired. Nelson would not be impressed.


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k / Hace over 4 years

Don't worry Jason, I know we can rely on the EU to protect us .