Is there a danger that some parts of the island could become so cosmopolitan that you forget the fact that you are actually in Spain? And I am not talking about the tourist resorts. Majorca has changed dramatically over the last decade and will continue to do so. In most cases these changes have been for the better but people like myself, who have lived on the island for more than 30 years, do miss some of the things about "old Palma".

One of my chief complaints is that the old style cafeterias and bars seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate along with many of the small shops that I remember as a child. It is easier in Palma these days to buy a hamburger or a piece of pizza than a paella. You can count on a single hand the number of restaurants which serve typical Majorcan food in central Palma. Having a croissant with your breakfast is easy, finding a bar or cafe which serves ensaimadas is difficult especially in central Palma.

These days the city has a great cosmopolitan mix, which is fantastic - the city is alive and buzzing with all nationalities - but it is nice sometimes to be given a reminder that you are in Spain. Even the old-style tapas appear to be disappearing even though they are always in demand. It goes without saying that Palma is a far nicer place these days; old buildings have been restored to their former glory, there are new boutique hotels, new attractions and a fantastic quality of life. But a bit more Spanish would be nice.


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Silversurfer / Hace over 4 years

The disappearance of traditional Tapas is a bugbear too. Tapas used to be given away in all bars with drinks or sold cheaply in small portions. Now, in most places, Tapas have become expensive items on the menu. It´s very sad that local traditions are dying out. Is it just greed on behalf of the business owners ?


S. / Hace over 4 years

I wonder if the Hotels All inclusive Fare is causing the loss of Mallorcaean foods, and 'Menu del Dia' cafeterias etc. Hotels with predominantly German Guests, will have self serve German style foods. Cosmopolitan Tourists will always search for, and congregate in places, that supply foods that they recognise. The British in general go for British foods,e.g. Full English Breakfast etc. The more discerning Tourist will always search for local fare. But , I agree with the Editor, they are rapidly becoming a minority customer.