Did former Conservative leader, Michael Howard, really say that Britain should consider sending a task force to protect Gibraltar from Spanish aggression? I had to pinch myself when I read it because I thought I was dreaming. One British tabloid boldly proclaimed that the Royal Navy could easily scupper the Spanish fleet. Good morning Britain, have you gone completely mad? This is not the 19th century, you don’t have any gunboats and Spain is one of your allies.

It appears that some people are really angry that the European Union is going to make life difficult for Britain during the Brexit negotiations. What did anyone expect, that the European Union was going to give Britain everything it wanted and more? I did think that Spain would link Gibraltar to Brexit negotiations and this has been the case. Also, Spain has said that it may not veto any attempt by an independent Scotland to join the European Union. Spain, is as usual, using its bully-boy tactics over Gibraltar which will go nowhere. I suspect there are going to be plenty of threats and counter threats over the coming months as the Brexit talks get into full swing. Diplomacy is the best way forward. Britain needs to get a good deal from the European Union. British investment almost depends on it. While in some parts of Britain talk of sending a task force to Spain may have been a bit of a giggle, in Spain yesterday no one was laughing. In fact, everyone was stunned.