Did former Conservative leader, Michael Howard, really say that Britain should consider sending a task force to protect Gibraltar from Spanish aggression? I had to pinch myself when I read it because I thought I was dreaming. One British tabloid boldly proclaimed that the Royal Navy could easily scupper the Spanish fleet. Good morning Britain, have you gone completely mad? This is not the 19th century, you don’t have any gunboats and Spain is one of your allies.

It appears that some people are really angry that the European Union is going to make life difficult for Britain during the Brexit negotiations. What did anyone expect, that the European Union was going to give Britain everything it wanted and more? I did think that Spain would link Gibraltar to Brexit negotiations and this has been the case. Also, Spain has said that it may not veto any attempt by an independent Scotland to join the European Union. Spain, is as usual, using its bully-boy tactics over Gibraltar which will go nowhere. I suspect there are going to be plenty of threats and counter threats over the coming months as the Brexit talks get into full swing. Diplomacy is the best way forward. Britain needs to get a good deal from the European Union. British investment almost depends on it. While in some parts of Britain talk of sending a task force to Spain may have been a bit of a giggle, in Spain yesterday no one was laughing. In fact, everyone was stunned.

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Ron / Hace over 4 years

I was told years ago by my Spanish teacher (who was a very clever lady from the university of Salamanca) that under the Utrecht Treaty Gibraltar and Minorca were ceded only to be used as military bases. Britain subsequenty has made Gibraltar a full colony which is quite different. Although I suspect that the words of the treaty have been analysed and interpreted many times and in many ways over the centuries!


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Actually,most of us know that the EU are going to make things as difficult for us as possible for having the courage to leave but don't forget,that can work both ways. They won't miss us one little bit,just our money because they will be left with a big black hole to fill without us. Gibraltar was ceded in perpetuity by Spain in the treaty of Utrecht in 1713,what part of that does Spain not understand.? Talk of war is nonsense but make no mistake,we will not abandon Gibraltar,be very clear about that.


Ron / Hace over 4 years

I read the scaremongering report in the tabloid referred to, and the following day they toned down all the stupid bravado. Even Tusk is being nicer now in his comments. (He is worried the Swedes and Dutch will also jump ship!). If the Spanish government were to make demands of the British government, a good plan - put forward by Norman Tebbit - would be to make a trade deal with Catalonia. This of course would annoy Rajoy etc. even more than Gibraltar! Us British shouldn't forget that in those discussions we hold all the cards. 40 years of investing in the infrastructure of the EU - all that property purchased in Brussels and Strasbourg etc. Now they demand that we pay an exorbitant exit fee. I don't think so. They should be nice to us and pay us back!


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

Considering the state of the UK compared to 50 years ago, there can´t be many thinking people left.


Malcolm Smith / Hace over 4 years

Please believe me that the majority of thinking people in the UK were quite incredulous of Michael Howard's comments.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

Racist ?. Don´t be absurd. If someone from Palma critizises someone from Inca ( or more to the point, from Menorca ), would that be "racist" ?.

Regarding Gibraltar, and before anyone gets too het up about it, maybe everybody concerned should remember Spains reaction in 2002 regarding some Moroccans landing on the Perejil Island.


james thomson / Hace over 4 years

The comment from Howard was blatantly racist - that there hasn't been an outcry in the UK is a very sad reflection of the current political climate there.