The people of Gibraltar are quite rightly asking for special status because they voted to remain in the European Union and also depend on the EU for their livelihood. Fine, I agree. But what about the 300,000 British citizens living in Spain and the millions who are resident in other European Union countries? Don't they deserve special status? At least the people of Gibraltar were able to vote in the referendum.

There is much concern amongst British citizens over their fate post-Brexit especially over health care which is free at the moment. In an ideal world I would like my rights in Spain to remain the same; in otherwords, no work permit, the vote in local elections and an easy to obtain residence permit. If British citizens lose these rights then our life in Spain is going to be much harder.

I can imagine many ardent-Leave the EU supporters claiming that if you don't like it you can return to Britain. Yes, good point. The last time I looked the British health service was in serious problems, so how is it going to cope with thousands of returning British expats?

Many British pensioners surrender many of their benefits when they move to Spain. If they return to Britain they will be entitled to many benefits which are unpaid at the moment. So, could someone, somewhere start talking about the rights of British citizens living abroad? We are the silently minority and we would like our rights safeguarded as well, please.


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k / Hace over 4 years

Pie and eat come to mind .


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

All you are doing in comment after comment column is continually scare-mongering,why don't you just wait and see what is going to happen instead of constantly regurgitating the same old points.? There is quite a lot that you should be reporting on in Majorca instead of constantly scare-mongering.