Most of the horses which pull the carriages full of tourists round Palma spend nearly all day in the shade, if they have some, waiting for clients -  painting a sad and lonely image.
It is not as if the horse and carriages in the capital and other main resorts are in big demand, so I really think that steps should be taken to ban them and if needs be replace them with some other form of sustainable  and fun mode of transport like rickshaws, for example.
People obviously like moving about, that is evident by the large number of tourists who hire bicycles to explore Palma and their holiday resorts, they are certainly not leaping in to the back of the nearest carriage for some sweaty horse to drag them around in the heat.
With the movement against bull fights having enjoyed significant success with the majority of municipalities on the island having banned the ‘sport’, why can’t a similar movement be born to campaign for the removal of horse and carriages?
I know Palma city council has talked about taking such a step and introducing alternative options, but as yet, nothing has been done and we are already half way through the legislature with the new mayor all set to take over for  the next two years in June.
Yes, in Seville and Jerez, the horse and carriages are part of the heritage and culture and the horses are in prime condition, sadly here it pains me to see them.


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E Weldon / Hace over 4 years

If Palma keeps the horse and cart then they should be strictly checked at the start of every day and various times during the day by vet's to ensure the horses are fit for their work and ensure their welfare is top priority-this could be achieved but the corrupt Palma local government won't spend the money for the welfare of the horses-I was shouted at because I gave water to one of the tied up horses that was suffering from dehydration- I also reported this to Guarda Civil who checked the horse & spoke to the owner -These horses should be cherished and well looked after not exploited