Surely there must be an easier way to pay the tourist tax, the now infamous levy introduced by the Balearic government. The present system is not fit for purpose. You arrive at your hotel with luggage and you have to find your passport, booking form and all the other information. Once the check-in process is complete, the next step is to pay the tourist tax. I have now paid the tax on three occasions and each time it has been at the start of my stay rather than the end. It is like paying for a restaurant bill before you have eaten the food!

Now, the hotel receptionist gave me no explanation what the tax was for and why I had to pay it. Also, no receipt. The Balearic government should be making a greater effort to inform tourists where their tax money is being spent. I also think you should be given a receipt to show that you have paid. Also, why can't the tax just be added to your hotel bill at the end of your stay? Surely the system could be made easier. I get the impression, from the body language of hotel staff, that many believe that the tax will not last. Once there is a change in government it will be simply be scrapped, appears to be their opinion. And they might have a point. When the tax was first introduced fifteen years ago, it lasted for just a season. It was re-introduced by the present Balearic government last summer. But still the system needs to be improved and more information provided. I just hope that my tourist tax cash is wisely spent.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Why should any tourist pay a tax that the government admit is just to raise extra money for the regions.? Tourists of all nations make a major contribution to the income of Majorca,if the tourists,who have been lied to about the purpose of the tourist tax go elsewhere,you will be up the creek without a paddle.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

I agree, but how are they going to tell tourists how the money is going to be spent, if the local government don´t have a clue either ?.