The shocking death of 86-year-old Bryan Stout, who was run down by a driver under the influence of alcohol and drugs this week while cycling along a cycle path in Alcudia, cannot be ignored by the local authorities.

Majorca has become a Mecca for cyclists - professionals and amateurs from all over the world - over the past decade and cycling has become a key pillar of winter tourism. Hoteliers have invested millions in renovating their establishments in order to cater for cyclists, providing special lock-ups, cycle hire and equipment and even on-site mechanics and cycle tour guides. Cycling has become a multi-million euro business for Majorca and is going to continue growing.

But some form of action needs to taken by the local authorities to increase the safety of both cyclists and drivers. As a cyclist myself I am all too well aware of the fact that there are some people who have it in for cyclists and sadly there will be no changing their opinions. However, for the rest of society, I am sure there is plenty of room to bridge the gap and find a happy balance and equal understanding.

After all, the thousands of people who cycle to work and use a bicycle as their preferred mode of transport need protecting and educating as well. Perhaps a Green Cross Code could be introduced which will clearly stipulate how cyclists and drivers should behave towards one another or face a penalty.


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George / Hace over 4 years

There is a pamphlet called "as a rule, be safe on the road" published in English, German, Spanish and Catalan. Available from the tourist offices ( last year) sponsored by the Government, Consell de Mallorca and the Cyclist federation. It informs drivers and cyclists of etiquette and best practice for both to ensure safe sharing of the road. Perhaps enough should be printed for cyclists to be given one from wherever they stay?. Getting drivers to understand the rules might need a leafletting campaign distributed to drivers by the police?