When is the European Union going to wake up? Since last June it has been busy telling everyone who would listen that all is well. Well, it is not. Britain voted to leave and a sizable number of French voters believe that they should follow Britain's example after Marine Le Pen's National Front came second in France's presidential election. Britain has never been in love with the European Union but France, one of the founding members, had always appeared to be pro-European Union. Whatever the final outcome of the general election, the French people have spoken. One in five voters opted for a "Frexit" party. Surely, the time has come for the European Union to admit that there is problem? That they are listening? That they want change? The people have spoken in Britain and to a lesser extent France but their appeal falls on deaf ears.

You can't dismiss the French election result. It was a big deal. Rather than trying to convince everyone that the European Union is a valid organisation, the EU just sticks its head in the sand. The European Union is behaving at the moment like the captain of the Titanic. There is real danger ahead but it hasn't been spotted. Whatever the outcome in France this should be a wake-up call for everyone in Brussels. Real reform is needed and perhaps an element of democracy should be introduced into the European Commission. There are tough times ahead but the EU is just lost.


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John Reeves / Hace over 4 years

What makes me laugh is all the intellectual chitchat when Mallorca is really a third world country. Where else would you find a company like Logistica in Port de Pollenca tipping raw sewage down the drains in Llenaire. I have told the council, police and the press but it continues. So, pontificate about politics but ignore the basic standards at your peril. This should be Europe , not Africa.


MelB / Hace over 4 years

More than an element of democracy is required! Those in Brussels need to realize that the ordinary person is fed up with paying high taxes to the robber-barons while they look forward to TAX FREE pensions of some €300,000. If you think tinkering with this behemoth will save it, you are sadly mistaken. The debt level of the EU means a banking collapse could happen at any time. In the EU the ostrich syndrome reigns.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Whatever the result is of the French election,the unrest within the EU will continue,especially when those few members that are net contributors are asked to pay more to fill in the big black hole left by our leaving.