Majorcan hoteliers claim that false compensation claims from British tourists cost them about 50 million euros a year. This sounds like a huge sum to me, but if the figure is accurate, then I can understand their deep concern over this compensation scam. During the Bulletin breakfast last week at the Palma convention centre, British ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, when questioned by local hoteliers, said making a false compensation claim was an offence and it was a matter for the British Ministry of Justice. The Association of British Travel Agents has also said that they will be attempting to tackle the issue in Britain.

It appears that a very small number of tourists are making a false complaint and they are paid the necessary compensation which pays for their holiday. Apart from this practice being illegal it will also hit those tourists who make legitimate claims. Local hoteliers are on the warpath and want the British government to take action. Consul General Lloyd Milen had a meeting with local hoteliers to discuss the issue about a month ago. It is always going to be difficult to outlaw false claims for compensation. Each case would have to be studied and investigated which would prove costly. Probably one of the easiest ways to help outlaw the practice would be to publicise those people who have been prosecuted for making a false claim. It has helped to reduce benefit fraud and it might just be the solution.


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Simon F / Hace over 4 years

A very poorly written article that appears to have been cut & pasted from a Mallorca hotelier's blog. I presume uk tourists claim on their holiday insurance and I presume hotels are insured and I presume their insurers pay the claims? All presumptions which a decent article would have reported on. There is nothing to stop U.K. insurers investigating claims but they rarely do because it's cheaper to just settle. Quite how this impacts on the hoteliers is unclear Mallorcan hoteliers deserve very little sympathy from anyone. They are far too powerful and their propagandist is best ignored.


Stephen Kane / Hace over 4 years

I have been saying for a long time that The British travel industry is a fault because they insist on paying out claims from UK tourists before they have investigated the claim they then have the Gaul to expect the Spanish hotel to pay them back.This is disgusting and i hope that all the hotels get together and say NO WE WILL NO LONGER PAY. The British Travel Industry ARE VERY GOOD at telling its customers that they have to read the T/Cs before booking ,now 95% of tour operators have a clause in the T/Cs that says something along the lines of FOR ILLNESS/ACCIDENTS they MUST be reported in resort of the claim will not be accepted ,The British Travel Industry should stand by their own rules and stop RIPPING OFF the Spanish Hotels.