There is a theory in Spain at the moment that the Union Jack will be lowered at Gibraltar in less than four years' time. Spain is warming to the thought that the Brexit vote will mean the end of British rule over Gibraltar. And this time they might be right. The people of Gibraltar voted to remain in the European Union but obviously the result went against them. But Gibraltar needs the European Union for its livelihood and if Spain closes the border it could be a question of thank you and goodnight.

The Spanish government want their British colleagues to launch a charm offensive with the 25,000 Gibraltarians and explain to them that they have nothing to fear from Spanish rule. Of course if Spain takes control then Gibraltar will remain in the European Union. So the people of the "Rock" have a big decision to make. Surrender their British nationality in return for remaining part of the European Union or stay British and remain slightly isolated. The European Union has effectively said that there will be no special status for Gibraltar so they are in the same boat as Britain.

I have said in this space on numerous occasions that Spain had a golden opportunity to win contol over Gibraltar after the Brexit result. Perhaps Gibraltarians should have their own referendum again to decide their future. If they stay with Britain, the Rock is going to have to invent itself again and find new ways to make a living outside the European Union.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

And then they woke up.


School teacher / Hace over 4 years

Yes, it's a trick we use to see if a) people are paying attention to what they are reading and b) to see if auto-correction is being used. Obviously in the first case you were and in the second case, it wasn't. Thanks for the feedback.


Spanron / Hace over 4 years

School teacher - 'the the' ? Don't remember being taught that one.


School teacher / Hace over 4 years

May I rephrase your first sentence ?.

At the moment, there is a theory in Spain that in less than four years time, the the Union Jack will be lowered in Gibraltar.


Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

Morocco can´t wait.