British tourists could be barred from all-inclusive holidays because of false compensation claims. This story has now appeared in print in Britain. Initially, when I saw the story I had to pinch myself that it was not 1 April. But no. The false compensation claims have reached such a level that Spanish hoteliers are planning radical action. So radical that their main tourist market could go elsewhere because of the all-inclusive threat. But the Spanish hoteliers are sticking to their guns.

In some ways you can see their point. False compensation claims cost hoteliers in the Balearics at least 50 million euros last year so you can imagine what the figure was nationwide. Enormous. And it appears that it is only British tourists who are carrying out this illegal practice. Spanish hoteliers want action and the Spanish government agrees. Now, the Association of British Travel Agents have also joined the battle and they will be holding a meeting with hoteliers in Madrid later this month. In the end I suppose that the British government will have to act and try and resolve the problem, if not British tourits could simply be turned away.

What is evident is that hoteliers have had enough and they will be using all their power to try and put an end to the problem. The days of a few being able to say that they enjoyed a fantastic holiday for free thanks to a compensation claim look to be numbered.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

It is ALREADY a criminal offence to submit a fraudulent insurance claim,all that is required on the UK side is that if a claim is found to be fraudulent,the claimant is prosecuted. False insurance claims put up the cost of EVERYONE'S insurance so we ALL pay the cost of these claims. Perhaps the hotels should also improve the standard of food they serve,some of it can only be described as appalling.


S. / Hace over 4 years

I have complained on numerous occasions the ALL INCLUSIVE IS DESTROYING THE ECONOMY. I started complaining from the Hoteliers Introduction of this Tariff, several years ago. The number of Bars,Restaurants.Shops,etc. , that have become Bankrupt , because of the Hoteliers policy, is now considerable. Those who were/are self employed are failing fast. Many have closed, and returned to the UK etc.If anyone has a very serious complaint against the Hoteliers, IT IS THOSE THAT HAVE LOST THEIR BUSINESS, with the domino effect felt by all the suppliers, Owners of Locals etc. Perhaps they ALL should complain, and demand compensation, from the Hoteliers.