For weeks now there has been headline after headline over British tourists and false compensation claims. The hoteliers, quite rightly, were furious, but no one appeared to be doing anything apart from threatening to ban British tourists from all-inclusive holidays, which was a rather silly move as some 17 million British tourists come to Spain every year and probably at least one third take advantage of the pre-paid package holidays.

Spain must remember that competing resorts would welcome any British tourists with welcome arms so they can't talk too tough. But British travel firm Jet2 has seized the initiative and will be recruiting private detectives to try and stamp out the false compensation claims, which allegedly cost hoteliers 50 million euros a year.

I sincerely doubt that the travel firm will be recruiting hundreds of super sleuths to patrol resorts, but you never know, and those who make false compensation claims will think twice. I have been told that those who do make the false claims have been told to remove all happy holiday snaps from their social media sites because it could obviously affect their case! Incredible but true. Now they will have to be on the lookout while on holiday as well: the person standing at the bar might be an ordinary tourist or he could be a detective keeping an eye on plan for a false compensation claim. At last some positive action. You have been warned!


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Will these snoopers also be keeping an eye on the appalling food that many hotels serve and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THAT.?