What a silly man and what a silly thing to say. I think European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker deserves the Straight Banana Award of the week for his speech, in which he said English was becoming less significant as a language in Europe following Brexit. Juncker rather sums up everything which is wrong with the European Commission: outdated and backward. English is the language of the internet and technology, so does high-tech no longer have a place in Europe in the eyes of Juncker? English, like it or not, is the international language.

But the European Commission president was just taking a swipe at Britain over Brexit. Behave Juncker, the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union not Europe. Britain will continue to be a leading international figure in Europe but thankfully not Juncker's idea of Europe. It must also be said that millions of English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish gave their lives in two World Wars to free Europe from tyranny, so Juncker should perhaps measure his words carefully. The thousands of British, Canadian and US troops who came ashore in occupied France during the D-Day landings wouldn't be too impressed to see their language being belittled by a future European leader who can make such outrageous remarks only because of their sacrifices during World War 2.

Now, while I understand that there is an element of anger in the European Union and Commission following the Brexit vote, this should not in any way cloud Britain's track record in Europe. It is a nation which has stood by Europe twice in the last 100 years, in two World Wars. The Brexit negotiations should be about understanding not cheap swipes. If English as a language is no longer significant in Europe, then perhaps Juncker should stop speaking it. Few are listening anyhow.


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palmadave / Hace over 4 years

Its rather significanf here!

English is Now the Mandated International Language of Aviation

The International Civil Aviation Organisation has decreed that from 1 January 2008 all Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Crew Members engaged in or in contact with international flights must be proficient in the English language as a general spoken medium and not simply have a proficiency in standard ICAO Radio Telephony Phraseology.

This has important implications for all aircrew and controllers. Those who do not have proficiency must acquire it by that date or risk removal from international flight routes.

Silly man.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

All Junker is doing is reinforcing our determination to leave the EU as fast as possible and to unite behind a strong and determined leader who stands up against Juncker and his cronies.


S. / Hace over 4 years

What an EXCELLENT Comment from The Editor. Well said Sir !!!. ALL those men and women who died saving Europe in the world wars, will be turning in their graves, at the disgraceful statements of Juncker et al. It totally illustrates why Britain, and the majority of British people want to leave The EU. The sooner, the better. BUT not before these Eurocrats do everything to cause Britain as much grief as possible. They will do their level best to penalize Britain, and MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THE BRITISH, TO WARD OFF ANY OTHER EU COUNTRY FROM LEAVING THEIR UNION.Also , it will take several years, to sever the EU association. BUT, I am prepared to wait FOR FREEDOM FROM THE EU.


Tom / Hace over 4 years

Who give a t,,,s what this clown has to say Europe will be overrun by muslims soon so they will all be speaking dies soon