I feel for supporters of Real Mallorca, including our very own Monro Bryce, as the club faces relegation to the lower leagues. If this occurs then it will be the end of this island's premier football team as we know it at the moment: well, at least for the short term. It is a nightmare scenario but I am often left wondering where it has all gone wrong for Real Mallorca. An island which is one of the wealthiest places in Spain, which is visited by millions of tourists every year, it is also one of the most sought-after places to live in the world. So, in a nutshell, Real Mallorca have everything to be successful but aren't.

It must be said that it wasn't long ago that the club was playing Champions League football and in Cup Winners' Cup finals. But that seems an age ago. A miracle is needed. Playing second division football is one thing but the league below is both poor and difficult to gain promotion from. I was talking to one ardent Mallorca fan the other day who told me that the best thing that could happen was for Mallorca to be relegated so they could start again and rebuild. Yes, rebuild everything from the team and the fan base. I am bored of going into packed bars when Real Madrid or Barcelona play but when Mallorca are on the pitch you will be lucky to find a bar showing it.

For the sake of Monro and all the other loyal fans, I hope Mallorvca survive to fight another day but change is needed at the club. It can't continue how it is at the moment.


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S. / Hace over 4 years

I totally agree, it is disgraceful that Mallorca football has deteriorated. Football today, is totally money driven. No money invested, poor players, relegation becomes inevitable .When this Island earns Billions of Euros, none of which go to the football club. But make many into multi millionaires. It is disgraceful, the lack of interest that is obvious. Those R. Madrid and Barca Supporters need to examine their loss. When R.Mallorca were in the top flight league. They got to see their Teams in Mallorca. Now they will have greater expense, going to the Mainland for many years. Unless they are just Bar TV Supporters !..,