Magalluf is always in the headlines for the wrong reasons. I sometimes get the impression that if the British or Spanish media are short of a story, then Magalluf is in the spotlight. And with all due respect to my colleagues, there is always a story to be found in Magalluf. But Magalluf is not alone in having a "bad boy or bad girl side" in Majorca. I would say that Playa de Palma is equally as "bad" as Magalluf. But it is the Calvia resort which is in the headlines. Why? Well to be honest, I do not know. Perhaps Magalluf is an easy target. Turn up in Punta Ballena on a Friday night past midnight with a camera and you are going to have a story of "Brits behaving badly". But go to Playa de Palma at the same time and day and you are going to have a story of "Germans behaving badly."

Both holiday resorts are benefiting from some major investment which could mean that their infamous days are numbered. Playa de Palma is welcoming new five-star hotels in the same way as Magalluf is changing. If the local authorities are serious about ending the party in Magalluf and Playa de Palma, then they should send in the police and not the limited number of officers who are availble at the moment. I am talking a respectable number who can deal with the many problems from illegal street vendors to prostitutes. I know for a fact that the mayor of Calvia has asked for more police for Magalluf. For the party to end someone has to turn off the lights.


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Joap / Hace over 4 years

Your comments in the bulletin re Magalluf. If you go and stand outside Sol Katmandu around midnight onwards and see how many people get mugged by prostitutes and pimps young and old you will a different Magalluf. We have been staying in this resort for the last 23 years but this could be the final visit unless this situation does not change. What a shame such a lovely resort and island is being left to these people do destroy. The police need to be in unmarked cars not with blue flashing lights as these prostitutes just hide til they have passed.

Unhappy tourist


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

But only yesterday you (and Tom) were saying how efficient the Police and Guardia Civil are in sending them back from whence they came.

I received several negative votes for disagreeing with you. I think you have just proved my point.


S. / Hace over 4 years

The Prostitutes and their Pimps have been mugging and attacking Tourists for several years. WHY are these illegal immigrants not arrested and deported. How are they getting into the Island from e.g. Nigeria etc.I fail to understand how these bad people still operate in Mallorca. It requires further investigative journalism, to ascertain their illegal presence and continued operations.