Spain is back on its economic feet again and everything is rosy in the Rajoy Garden. But there is some bad news for the Spanish government. Sixty per cent of Spanish pupils claim that they will probably have to move abroad to find employment according to a new opinion poll. This is very sad news and puts the Spanish unemployment problem firmly in the spotlight. Despite the Spanish economy enjoying record growth, one-fifth of the population is without a job, according to the latest survey.

Thousands of Spaniards were forced to move abroad during the recession because there was simply no work here. A large proportion went to Britain. In some London hotels almost 50 per cent of the staff are Spanish and according to this latest opinion poll this is a trend which will continue. I find it quite amazing that Spaniards have to move to London to work in a hotel when Spain has the largest number of hotels of any European country.

The Spanish government has said that they are trying to deal with the unemployment nightmare in Spain but it is still very high especially amongst the Spanish youth. Now, there are some positives from the great Spanish move. When all these workers return home they will have greater language and training skills. But that is the question: will they return home? If Spain continues to lose its young workers then Spain could have a serious problem in the future.