Am I not alone in thinking that the latest scandal to engulf President Donald Trump reads more like a plot from a Tom Clancy thriller than modern-day politics? For Democrats, having Trump in the White House is bad enough, but now he is alleged to have given secrets to an "enemy of the state". Outrageous. Now, I will take the president at his word. I do not believe that there is any wrongdoing on Trump’s part but he has been shown to be completely naive and some would say that he is not fit for purpose. But could a man who has often been described as a great patriot and whose campaign slogan was "America First" really pass secrets to the Russians? If the Kremlin is capable of turning an election in favour of its preferred candidate then I sincerely doubt that there are many US secrets Russia doesn’t know about.

Trump appears to go from one crisis to another and I sincerely doubt that the Russian allegations are going to go away because, let’s face it, Moscow likes nothing better than a political scandal involving the only superpower on earth and the only country that can put them in the shade. The allegations are so serious that if there is the slightest element of truth in the claims then Trump should quit at once. Democrats and those few Republicans who opposed Trump must believe that they have been shown to be right. The president just says that it is a conspiracy against him. Interesting and worrying times.


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Andreas / Hace over 4 years

We all know Trump's for the push but let's hope he hangs on a bit longer as the world has never laughed so much!


keith / Hace over 4 years

Next you will be telling us there is no corruption in Spain . Bricks , stones , glass houses ? Own house in order ?


sargic / Hace over 4 years

The man was elected president , let him get on and be president