This week the Bulletin put the spotlight on the number of rich and famous people selling their homes in Majorca. We forgot to mention Boris Becker, and no doubt there are others we do not know about. And the question is why? Well, a trusted and viable source told me that it is because many are getting frustrated by the lack of privacy and the saturation of tourists on the island during the summer.

For example, and I can vouch for this for I have witnessed it myself, the tourist boat which goes round the coast of Andratx and Camp de Mar points out over the tannoy, for all to hear, where Claudia Schiffer’s house is. Imagine the scenario. You are enjoying your well-earned luxury pad when every few hours you can hear some bloke shouting and pointing out where you are. To be honest I would be off like a shot too.

And that is apparently what is happening. Many wealthy people, be they celebrities or not, who many years ago invested in the calm, tranquil, beautiful privacy of Majorca are now realising that their investment has become negative equity and are looking elsewhere. But as we have been seeing since last year when slogans were daubed across the old part of Palma telling tourists that they are no longer welcome, it is not just the rich and famous getting fed up with saturation; it’s your normal Joe on the street. During the peak summer months there are too many people on the island. It’s uncomfortable, stifling, frustrating and it upsets residents’ normal daily lives.

I know the island is sadly dependent on tourism, but something has to be done to control the influx of holidaymakers. It’s time to stop yacking and time to take some effective action before serious damage is done. But will the greedy hoteliers play ball?


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Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

Don´t only blame the hoteliers, whose room numbers have been controlled for several years now, unlike those of whom who are letting out their properties, whether they be villas, apartments or single rooms.

The rich and famous may be leaving but it seems that the rich and unfamous are buying their properties, so it seems that we are back to square one.

Whilst you are at it, please write to Angela Merkel and tell her that I have the same thoughts about Europe.